How to get lots of likes on Instagram in a few minutes

The advantage of lots of Instagram likes cannot numerous. One of the most important is that it promotes awareness. It gives your video, goods, services, photo or any other content a higher chance of been seen by the general public and this would lead to more patronizing, more comments, more fame and so on. But the question, how to get lots of likes in few minutes has really bothered many. Here are a few steps to achieve this.

1) Take high-quality pictures

Everyone likes beautiful things. The quality of a picture greatly affects the number of likes. A good quality picture would attract more likes than a poor quality picture. So, endeavor that your picture has high or good quality and it would attract more likes.

2) Tag a general location

Tagging a general would increase the chances of more people getting more likes for your picture, video, or whatever content it might be as more people would get to see your content. Tagging a General location like a big city would yield more likes than tagging a particular location like a restaurant. This is because the inhabitants or those within that location or that city are more than those within a particular location. So, rather than tag a particular location, tag a general location.

3) tag popular hashtags

Hashtags help more people see your post and like them in return. Most popular or popular hashtags are very helpful when you are looking to reach a large group of persons. So, when you want to make your next post, ensure you use popular tags. This would earn you more likes.

4) post consistently

Posting consistently helps you keep your followers engaged and the more these followers lie your post, the more it would be seen by others and the more it gets seen by others, the more likes you will get. However, posting sparingly will bore your present followers and would cause them to unfollow you, and this will reduce your likes rather than increase it. So to avoid this, post consistently.

5) Post when there is high traffic

Posting when there is high traffic is very beneficial. This is because, during high traffic, most of your friends and followers are online and would see your post and get to like it. However, if you post when there is little or no traffic, there is a high chance that your followers would miss out on your post by the time they all come online, and they would not even get to see it, and that means they would not have a chance to like it.

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