Understanding How the Instagram Algorithm Works

We have all noticed that Instagram has changed its algorithm, and while many people are afraid that this the reverse-chronological of 2016 is back, it is actually nothing like that. While this new algorithm does really resemble the reverse-chronological feed pattern, the truth is that there are simply other factors that Instagram has placed above the factor of time in the algorithm. In order to make the most out of your Instagram account, you need to work with the algorithm and what better way to do that than to, first of all, understand what the algorithm is and how it works?

User oriented platform built for profit

Instagram is set up to first reach the goal that it has set for itself. It may be a user-oriented platform, but it is still a revenue generating platform. The main aim of Instagram is first and foremost to increase the amount of time that their users spend on the platform. This is simply because the more time users spend on the app, the more they are inclined to come across ads that they can interact with, which in turn, pays Instagram.

This, however, does not mean that Instagram has neglected its user’s needs, as a matter of fact, the new Instagram algorithm has specifically been optimized to make the user experience better. The Instagram algorithm works based on 3 major signals. These signals, are triggered based on the users, their interactions, and timing.


The first signal that this algorithm works with is relationships; Instagram picks up on interactions on the platform and uses this to position your post. What this means is that Instagram studies those whom you interact more with and then automatically brings up your post on their timeline when you post. These interactions could be anything ranging from Instagram likes to being Instagram followers.


The second signal is interest. Instagram studies the kind of posts and contents that you are interested in based on your interactions and your likes on these posts and automatically brings up posts that are related to these on your timeline. When someone is interested in your kind of content, your post would pop up on their explore page and then they can drop a like and even chose to follow you. However, your posts coming up on the explore page is also based on your level of interaction with certain people, also on your Instagram followers.


Time is the third major factor that Instagram considers in its algorithm. This is important because, on Instagram, someone is posting something similar to yours every other minute. Therefore, knowing when to post is a very important factor in making the algorithm work for you.

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