How to increase your Instagram reach

Instagram is a social media app which people have used in various ways to reach their goals. Today, various people who use Instagram for the business have noticed that their engagement in Instagram and their reach has cooled off.

This should not also be your own case. Unlike the many people whom their reach on Instagram has declined, you can reach as more followers you can ever think of.

In this article, we will talk about some of the many ways with which you can boost your reach on Instagram & get more Instagram followers.

Ways you can increase your reach on Instagram

For people who are experiencing difficulties in getting more reach on Instagram, the following tips will prove to be helpful for you:

  • Find the right time to always post

The first step to take in order to get more reach on Instagram is to figure out the right time to post. When you post anything at the proper time, you will be at an advantage of getting more engagement on whatever you post. This will also make the algorithm of Instagram to help buy Instagram followers by moving your post on the feed of your followers so high.


  • Institute a competition on your page to get more engagement

Everyone likes to have fun. Making your followers engage in some contests on your page is a very interesting way for your Instagram followers to keep themselves busy on your Instagram page. Another thing you can do is to create call-to-action that does involve giveaways.

Some examples of call-to-actions you can use are:

  • Tag two friends below to stand a chance to win!
  • To participate in our promo, simply tag a friend whom you know on social media! Etc.

  • Always post Instagram stories

Reports have shown that out of 100 percent of marketers using Instagram, only a few of them posts IG stories. This makes it an advantage for you to be different from the people who do not post stories on Instagram, and you will be more recognized than they are.

Posting Instagram stories will keep your followers busy on your page, and you will be on the top of their feed.


  • Make use of live videos

One very effective way of boosting your IG page is by appearing live for your followers.  Whenever you upload live videos of yourself and services, you will be seen at the top of the feed. This becomes very effective, most especially if you are the only one going live at that time, you will appear at the front. Appearing live on IG will make your logo always visible on the top of followers’ feed, and this will prompt them to be curious as to what you have on your profile.

It has been discovered that only 25 percent of the marketers who makes use of Instagram upload live videos. So it is another opportunity for you to be different from marketers who do not go live on Instagram.


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