How effective are influencers on Instagram?

While social media influencers or influencer marketing is not a new phenomenon, the past couple of years have made the idea one of the most sought after in the world. Interestingly, there are evidence and reports to clearly show that it is of utmost importance and beneficial for small and large businesses.

Basically, influencer marketing has been described by most people as a relationship that exists between a brand or company and an influencer. The idea is that the influencer would promote the services and products of the brands to his or her large number of followers on social media outlets like Instagram and YouTube.

However, it is completely different from celebrity endorsements, because it entails more than just having a celebrity endorsing a product or service. To become an influencer, one must have a large social media following made up of real people.

Most of the time, these influencers work independently. That is, they have to create content that they see fit to promote the services or product offered by the brand. In addition, they will need to have an idea of the brand to enable them to promote and sell the idea to their Instagram followers. This is one of the reasons most people buy Instagram followers.

The amount of money an influencer is paid for a gig will depend on their Instagram following as well as how often their followers engage them. Some experts are of the opinion that on Instagram, an influencer may be paid a sum of $1,000 for having about 100,000 followers.

How Effective Are These Influencers on Instagram?

There are statistics to prove the effectiveness of influencers. First, it has been revealed that over 80% of marketers find influencer marketing to be very effective. Over 71% of marketers rate the quality of traffic and customers gotten from influencer marketing as far better than any of the other marketing sources. About 89% of marketers have revealed that return on investment gotten from influencer marketing is better than what is gotten from other marketing sources. Finally, about 65% of marketers have revealed that they are currently making plans to increase their influencer marketing budget for this year.

These statistics are proof that influencer marketing is effective and capable of helping your business or brands reach the target audience. There are a number of ways influencer marketing can help your business and they include;

  1. Influencer marketing will help create awareness for your brand. Irrespective of the type of service or product you offer, influencer marketing is capable of helping you reach your target audience in less than no time. If as a business owner, you need more Instagram likes or followers on your page, influencers can help direct the right people to your page. These followers can be converted to leads.

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