How Many Instagram Followers Is A Lot

How Many Instagram Followers Is A Lot

Today, we will look at the number of Instagram followers that you are expected to have before you can call yourself an influencer. Whether you are a brand that wants to have a lot of clients or an influencer that wants to be famous, it is important to get a lot of Instagram followers, and Instagram likes. A great way to do this is by buying Instagram followers, and Instagram likes.

This can help you attract genuine Instagram followers because people are more likely to follow those pages that have a lot of followers than those pages with few followers. This is what is called the bandwagon effect, and it can be used to your advantage by buying Instagram followers, and Instagram likes.

Many pages or websites online may claim that buying Instagram followers and Instagram likes is wrong, but do you know that many of them bought the Instagram followers and Instagram likes. Are you shocked? Don’t be.

Why do you think you are hearing of them on Instagram? Why do you think they have millions of Instagram followers? Why do you think a lot of people listen to their thoughts? It doesn’t matter how good your product, service or thoughts may be if people see that you don’t have a large following, they make up their mind that whatever you are saying must be crap. This is the way of the world.

Now that this has been said let’s look at how many followers one must have before they can be classified as celebrities, mega influencers, large influencers, medium influencers, small influencers, and micro influencers.


More than a million Instagram followers. We don’t expect that you buy every Instagram follower or Instagram likes. What we expect is that you buy some, and have genuine followers fill up the rest.

Mega Influencers: 

From two hundred and fifty thousand followers to a million followers. These ones are sought after a lot by brands because they have a large number of following, and may not charge as much as the celebrities would. It is important that you are an Instagram influencer with a niche, as it helps those brands within the niche to find you easily.

Large Influencers

From a hundred thousand followers to two hundred and fifty thousand followers.

Medium Influencers

From fifty thousand followers to a hundred thousand followers.

Small Influencers:

From ten thousand followers to fifty thousand followers.

Micro Influencers:

From a thousand followers to ten thousand followers.

Calm down; a thousand followers can be said to be a lot by some degree.

While you have a lot of Instagram followers, it is important that you try and improve the engagement level that you have with your followers. A great way to do this is by regularly making great content. This can be done easily, once you know the niche that you fall under, and psychology.

What are you waiting for? Why not buy Instagram followers, and Instagram likes today to put you ahead of your counterparts?