Simple Instagram tricks for 2019

Since the very first day, Instagram has been launched, it has grown to be the best social media app for sharing photos with friends. One major reason why people often use Instagram and why it is the best among every other social media platform is because there is no difficulty in making use of it. Instagram is very easy to use. Whenever there is competition in a business, every business owner will always look for a way to stay different and ahead of the competitor. This is what Instagram has been doing in the past few years. Instagram has kept introducing new features to stand out among every other social media platform. These new features that have been introduced by Instagram in recent years have added to the complexity of Instagram. As a result of the new features, many cool things that can be done with Instagram are hardly accessed by users.

In this article, we will get you acquainted with simple Instagram tricks for 2019 that you can use for cool and interesting things. Below are some simple Instagram tricks for 2019:

  • Photos uploaded on Instagram can directly be posted to Facebook, twitter, and any other kind of social media platform

If you are the kind of person who likes posting one picture on Instagram, Facebook, twitter, or any other kind of social media platform individually, then this will be helpful for you. You can easily set up your Instagram account in such a way that you can post a photo on Instagram and automatically have the photo or picture posted on your facebook account, twitter, and all other kinds of social media accounts that you have created instead of posting them on their different websites one after the other.

What you just have to do is this: Profile> Options> Linked Accounts and you can easily link all your accounts. After taking this step we just mentioned, your pictures will be posted directly to all your accounts at the same time.

  • Scheduling of Instagram posts

The only person that can use this feature is the person who created a business profile. It is not difficult to change your profile to a business one. What you just have to do is this: Options> Switch to Business Account.

After this process, then you can be able to schedule your posts.

  • Making stories hidden from Instagram users

Instagram has introduced a new feature.  You can hide your stories from some users. What you have to do after opening up your profile is to tap on the 3-dot menu after which you click “Hide Your Story”.

  • Saving stories on Instagram

Instagram does not allow users to save a story of their choice. But there is a way to go about saving stories. What you just need to do is to download Story Saver for Instagram. After you have downloaded the app, you can log in with your Instagram account. The app is very easy to use.

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